Healthy Club Sandwiches

A sandwich makes for a quick breakfast or snack when you want to eat something in a hurry.

This is a recipe for the Healthy club sandwiches, which were once served in clubs and restaurants.


Mayonnaise 4 tbsp

1/4 Chopped Capsicum

1/4 Shredded Cabbage

1/4 Grated Carrot

1/4 tsp Black Pepper

1/2 tsp Mustard

50gm Paneer – Cut Paneer into thin and small slices.

Cut 6 Slices White or Brown Bread Slices.

Take some butter to spread on the bread and 2 slices of cheese.

Take 1 small cucumber wash, cut it into paper-thin slices along with the peel

Steps To Make a Healthy Club Sandwich

  • Take mayonnaise, capsicum, cabbage, carrot, pepper, and mustard, and mix well in a bowl.
  • Slice the paneer into thin slices and season with salt and black pepper.
  • Now Toast all the bread sandwiches and spread some butter on one side of each piece of bread.
  • Now add a slice of cheese and place some cucumber slices on top of the cheese before covering it with another piece of toast.
  • Place a paneer slice on top of the bread. Spread some mayonnaise mixture on the last slice of bread and top with the paneer slice. Set the sandwich aside for now.
  • Repeat this step to make the remaining sandwiches.
  • Now, trim the edges of each sandwich and cut each sandwich diagonally into four pieces.
  • Serve the sandwiches with tomato ketchup on the side.

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